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Offering private lessons, zoom calls, and board and train to help you and your dog reach your goals. 

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Private lessons

Scheduling private lessons with us means that we'll be able to work with you and your dog one on one. Whether you're looking for puppy basics, troubleshooting, e-collar conditioning, or to up the ante and train for niches like scent detection, we're here to help. Also available to aid in breed selection.

Zoom Calls

In our fast paced world it's nice to have the option of obtaining some tips and tricks from the comfort of your own home. We'll take the time to talk you through whatever you might be experiencing.

Board and Train

Our board and train option means that your dog will live with us for about 4 weeks while we teach it a variety of life skills. We only accept serious clients for this and are only willing to accept one dog at a time so we're able to make the most of this program. For this option, your dog will live in our house and interact with our dogs for the duration of their stay. This means they'll be treated as if they're one of our own dogs, while receiving multiple training sessions daily. After their stay, we will also include some private lessons to assist the owner in a successful transition, as well as retain a fantastic relationship between dog and handler. For our board and train program, a Mini Educator is included to aid in off leash reliability. This is not a necessity, but is highly recommended. 

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